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Mills to mongolia



[flagallery gid=2 name="Mongol Rally 2011"]

Track Us Live…

The tracking system is now live. You will be able to see our progress and facebook updates on our tracking site. http://www.millsbrothers.co.uk/track    

Our procrastination has caught up!

The website has seriously been neglected after the last month but here is a quick update; Some how its only 3 days until we leave home and 4 days till we chug out of Goodwood to embark on our trip. Are we prepared? Our levels of preparation are impeccable to a level of perfection. We still haven't tried to fit everything in the car, im dubious we will be able to →

2 days – 4 rocket switches!

Our nameless Nissan Micra has begun to take shape over the past couple of weeks. A massive thank you needs to go to everyone that has helped us especially James Hulse and Mick! We finally managed to cut the sump guard to shape, it took 6 jigsaw blades and I had to sacrifice my hearing, nonetheless finally we managed it. →

A week of Manchester Evening News and Rocket Switches!

Just in case we haven't spammed Facebook and Twitter enough in the last few days with links to our MEN article, here it is again... MEN Article It makes for an interesting read and we're sure you all need to read about 'Pale Skinned" brother Charlie's concerns about sunburn and deep vein thrombosis! We have another weekend of working on the car planned for the 20th and →

Sun, Steel and Micra

In a rare occasion all 3 of the Mills Brothers were in the same place, and for the first time Charlie managed to be in the right place. Finally we could begin to turn our puny Nissan Micra into an all-terrain desert trooper. We enlisted the help of someone that was handy with a welder and began to build a roof rack →

Grim Challenge happened…… and it was grim!

All in aid of charity the Mills Brothers took on an epic challenge, one that would see us run, wade and crawl over 8 miles of horrible terrain. The GRIM Challenge takes place over the Army's vehicle testing tracks and it was everything it promised, it was grim. The Mills Brothers battled on through the run and managed to gain a solid →

Let the preparation begin…

Collectively all 3 of us know absolutely nothing about cars, mechanics and anything of any use when it comes to driving 10,000 miles to Mongolia. We kicked off the new year with a visit to Mitchell's (Our generous car sponsor), the plan was to visit our charriot and learn everything and anything about her, yes that's right, her. We are so →

We Have A Car!!!

A Nissan Micra to be precise! As the months have been passing we have been growing progressively nervous about the lack of an adequate automobile. Finally we have secured ourselves a fine specimen of a vehicle. This Nissan Micra 1.3 ltr is going to take us over 10,000 miles to Mongolia (we hope). The vehicle has been provided to us by one of →

Gluttons for punishment!

Now some people may be satisfied with driving a 1ltr car across Europe and Asia all the way to Mongolia......However, the Millsbrothers appear to have a sadistic streak and for some reason that currently evades me have signed up for GRIM http://original.grimchallenge.co.uk/. This is an 8 mile run through mud, ice cold water and all sorts of other horrible things! At →

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